Housing is a Human Right Honolulu Tenants Union

State-Provided Tenant Handbook

The state provides a landlord-tenant handbook to help you understand your rights under the current law and a hotline at (808) 586-2634. It's open from 8 AM until 12 Noon, Monday to Friday excepting holidays.

Research Your Landlord

Even if they use a property management company as a middleman, your apartment's landlord knows a lot about you. Isn't it time you found more out about them? Our guide provides information to research your landlord and find out about the actual owner of the apartment you're renting. Click here to start.

Reach your neighbors with some Flyers

Want to start organizing with your neighbors or your landlord's other tenants? We've made a few flyers that you may use to make the first part of reaching out a little easier.