Housing is a Human Right Honolulu Tenants Union

Covid-19 Information for Renters

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, many tenants have lost their jobs or are suffering from reduced hours — nearly one quarter (160,000) of Hawaiʻi’s workers filed for unemployment in March 2020 alone.

As of August 2021, about 16 thousand households are behind on their rent, statewide, according to the The National Equity Atlas. Sign our petition now to demand NO EVICTIONS!.

During the Pandemic Emergency Resources

Have you lost your job?

File for unemployment with the Hawai'i Department of Labor. Even if you are a worker for an online company that doesn't consider you an employee, there are options available with the Department of Labor during this emergency.

Is your landlord trying to shut off utilities or lock you out of your home?

The landlord-tenant code forbids these actions (see the handbook), and Legal Aid has forms to fight them.

Is your landlord harassing you or making inappropriate requests?

The Hawai'i State Commission on the Status of Women has information that may help.

Do you need emergency funding?

Unable to afford rent?

Nobody should have to choose between having enough food and medicine or paying their landlord during this crisis — housing is a human right. Sadly, the Governor let the state eviction moratorium expire and the Supreme Court has shut down the CDC federal eviction moratorium.

We can organize with each other to form Tenants Councils and fight these evictions. There is also legal help from: Legal Aid Society of Hawai'i, Volunteer Legal Services, or an HUD-approved housing counselor. You can find the nearest housing counselor here or by calling (800) 569-4287.

Need more help?

We have sample letters on Google Docs in order to write to your landlord and ask for a rent reduction/pause. Click here for those letters.